Why Get Botox Treatments From A Doctor?

Botox treatments have become very popular. Hollywood stars have had them as well as reality TV stars like Kate Gosselin. This procedure has become quite common and many ordinary people have had the procedure done. It is usually no more painful than a bee sting.

However, it is still a medical procedure and should be considered accordingly. Also, Botox injections can fail. Kate Gosselin was and, for a while, her face looked a little strange. Fortunately, her problem was corrected. In contrast, actress Dana Delaney had permanent damage from a failed treatment and ended up with a droopy eyelid. There are a husband and wife team in California who had to be hospitalized as a result of Botox treatments that went wrong. To know more about online botox courses visit https://iaaesthetics.com/.

What is Botox certification?

That is a question that is not easy to answer. There is no universal national Botox certification. Your state may not even be certified as such. Most states have standardized rules for certifying plumbers and electricians, but none that we know of to certify people to administer Botox.

How are Botox treatments performed?

These treatments are usually done in the office of a plastic surgeon, physician, or doctor of osteopathy. In some cases, they can be done in a cosmetic clinic. If you decide to have your treatment done at one of these facilities, make sure the person administering the Botox has their Botox certification and is working under the supervision of a physician.

If you want to be sure, have a plastic surgeon perform your Botox treatments. You will have much more experience working with the facial muscles than a physician assistant or certified nurse practitioner after several days of training.