The lunar schedule, generally referred to as the "Ghost Festival", upright Thursday, and the developers who have actually been inactive for a long period of time are active once again. This weekend break, a brand-new task will certainly be introduced to test the "water temperature" of the residential or commercial property market. One of the much more appealing brand-new debuts is the Method South Home on Silat Method. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently announced the information of the growth of the Southern Beachfront at the National Day Rally, which has actually created the focus of private house purchasers. UOL is strongly promoting Method South is "the initial big private domestic task in front of the southerly waterside gateway". Method South House has an overall of 1074 devices, distributed in 2 56-storey domestic buildings and 5 four-storey keeping buildings. The developer will launch 300 units initially. The price of majority of the systems is less than $1.5 million, the one bedroom unit begins with $850,000, and the second bedroom unit leaps from $1.15 million.

UOL's head of state explained at the project promo conference yesterday that the Opportunity South Residence device is separated into 3 categories, consisting of the Peak Collection on the top floorings, the Perspective Collection on the reduced floorings, as well as the Heritage Collection in the reserved structures. The average price is $2250, $1980 as well as $1780. According word for word, the Southern beachfront entrance will be an important growth project for the federal government to improve Singapore. This 2,000-hectare area, equivalent to 6 areas of the Marina Bay area, will certainly promote more strenuous business and pastime as well as produce many company opportunities. It will additionally bring substantial value-added capacity to private residences around the area. He also hinted that the company won the land of Avenue South Residence at a competitive rate, so it would allow the very first batch of customers to enjoy a much more attractive cost.