Many people associate retractable roofs with large sporting venues. These large venues can be a dramatic use of retractable roofs. However, this is not the only purpose. You can find retractable roofs in many homes and businesses, and they are used in many capacities.

You can install these roofs over your swimming pool to protect your pool from various unwanted contaminants. To know more about retractable pool enclosure’s prices you can visit various online resources.

These roofs have found a home in large sports venues. Fans love being able to watch their favorite sport no matter what the weather is outside. Both players and fans can enjoy the sport outdoors, but can also be protected from the elements if the weather isn't cooperating. The roofs are useful for both players and fans.

These areas can also be cultivated with natural turfs thanks to the retractable roofs. Retractable roofs were installed because in many areas is difficult to grow natural turfs. 

To protect the turf from extreme heat or cold, the roofs can be shut off. This allows the team the freedom to select the best turf materials without having to consider outside conditions.

Retractable roofs have been a boon for greenhouse growers. Retractable roofs make it possible to vent heat from greenhouses and not alter other conditions for plants. 

The ability to combine indoor and outdoor growing conditions has resulted in increased productivity and growing seasons. While they can take full advantage of the seasons, greenhouse owners can still protect their plants.