Many dog owners purchase this brand of kitchen trashcan specifically for the locking lid feature, saying that it effectively keeps their pets from making a mess inside. A number of other dog lovers, however, are not impressed by the lock feature and find it to be inconvenient, since they often leave the trashcan open when they're in the kitchen. One reviewer who owns a Siberian Husky and an Australian Shepherd that are high Dumpster divers, writes that this trashcan handles anything that the dogs toss at it. Still, several other reviewers seem to be pleased with this trashcan's capabilities.

One reviewer writes that the locking lid on this particular model is convenient. Another says that the can is big enough for his two dogs, but doesn't take up much more room than the other plastic trash cans he has. One owner says that the can is large enough to handle her larger terrier, yet still manages to keep the lid closed. However, many reviewers note that even though this particular pan is large enough, it has fewer interior compartments than some of the other kitchen trash cans he has seen. In addition, some owners complain about the fact that the latch sometimes doesn't close properly.

Some of the garbage can models sold today, such as the CanDo microwave safe kitchen trash cans, come with several different models with different capacities. For example, the largest capacity is a seven gallon model, while the smallest one is only a six-gallon model. Of course, the larger models may be useful for smaller food debris, as well. This kitchen trash cans also come in various color options, although most are black or stainless steel. Some reviewers suggest going with the black color models if you don't mind the relatively small amount of trash that can accumulate in the can.

While these trash cans as reviewed on, are not the best option for everyone, some find them to be very convenient and efficient. Other reviewers, however, are not so impressed, saying that the can sometimes doesn't close properly, which then makes it more likely for food to go through the can. If you're considering purchasing one, you should also consider the size, color, and style, as well as how easy they are to clean. Many reviewers do note that the best trash cans often have easy-to-read stickers on them, and some have special features like airtight compartments and locking lids.