Many kids have a dream to celebrate their birthdays with the Mickey mouse theme. You can have a magical party with Mickey mouse theme for your kid's next birthday celebration.

An outdoor party on a gorgeous sunny day is the right way to get a Mickey Mouse party. But if the weather doesn't allow an outdoor party, this birthday celebration may still be a terrific success inside. Decorations for a Mickey Mouse theme party ought to include plenty of bright squares: red, yellow, and black are the colors that are connected with Mickey Mouse. 

Party plates with Mickey mouse on it, napkins, and cups will also go with the theme. Every kid who arrives in the celebration must have their Mickey Mouse masks to wear throughout the party and keep as a memento. You can buy mickey mouse plates online by browsing the web.

mickey mouse plates

Entertainment is essential in a Mickey Mouse birthday celebration. A fantastic idea would be to have many games going on concurrently to provide the kids with a choice regarding which Mickey mouse game to play. 

A den or living room can quickly become a mini-movie theater to show Mickey Mouse's short movies. A magical show is an occasion that kids will appreciate. A surprise visit from Mickey Mouse to hand out gifts to everyone is also a good idea.