The typical way to remove the tree involves using a chainsaw, but there are different ways to utilize this process. If it is a tall tree they generally will require a bucket truck to remove the tree. This is a truck with a hydraulic lifting platform cutter high in the air next to the tree to be felled.

During this process the tree cutter will cut the tree into pieces to remove them. Using this method will help to eliminate the chances of having a high tree falling onto a road, a fence, a house or other building. Workers can also climb trees and cut off limbs while on the tree.

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When the crew arrived to remove the tree often they find that it towered over the road, a house or building that creates a problem. The limbs of trees to be cut cannot be dropped without creating a hazard or property damage.

The most practical way to take care of this problem is to lower limbs that are cut to the ground using a rope. Before a limb cuts the rope attached to it and once cut it can be lowered down and avoid contact with traffic or structure.

The final step to removing the tree is to reduce baggage. In order to get around the stems to the ground to secure the majority to be cut into sections several times. Hewer must ensure that the tree can be handled safely after it on the ground, whether in whole or part.