While some houses don't have a problem with termites at all, there are those with continual termite problems. Prevention is definitely better than cure, it only takes a male and female termite to start a whole colony, so it is best to have regular termite control.

It is recommended to have your home checked for termites at least once per year. You should make sure you hire a reliable termite inspection company. It is better to pay the fee than go with a company that offers free termite inspections.

Free termite control is not a viable option. The inspector might be paid a commission and will try to make as much money as possible. They might tell you, after inspecting your home for termites, that there is a problem. This is where he earns his commission. It is also a good idea to get a second opinion. 

Many pest control companies offer an annual contract to protect a property from this wood-destroying pest. Contracts can include periodic treatments and inspections as necessary. 

A majority of contracts have an affordable annual fee for an inspection. The rules apply generally, including compliance with annual inspections. Rules generally apply, such as compliance with the annual inspection, but if treatment is necessary, then there is no additional charge, especially where the initial treatment has been carried out by the pest control company.