The top e-cigarette can also help in containing nicotine addiction. The smoker can opt for different e-liquid nicotine levels for every smoke.

A smoker can choose high, medium, low or zero nicotine. If the smoker continuously decreases the nicotine level, he/she will be able to lessen, if not eliminate, nicotine consumption. You can easily get vapor juice online through various vape shops in Hawaii.

One cartridge containing e-liquid nicotine is longer to smoke compared to real cigarettes. One top e-cigarette is equivalent to two packs of real cigarettes. Replacement mouthpiece, cartridge, and the battery can also be bought separately.

E-health cigarettes also come in different e-liquid nicotine flavors whereas real cigarettes only have menthol and tobacco flavors. Popular flavors are chocolate, vanilla, apple, and coffee. There are some brands of the top e-cigarette which also sell tobacco and menthol flavors.

In terms of vapor quality, the top e-cigarette can produce the same quality of vapors as compared to the quality of fumes from real cigarettes. Smokers can taste the flavor of the electronic cigarette. The vapors travel through the air, just like the fumes of the real cigarette.

Also, a smoker can smoke the top e-cigarette anywhere as it does not emit offensive fumes like the real cigarette. It does not have any health hazards regarding second-hand smoke and as such, a smoker can even smoke in non-smoking areas.