Kundan jewelry can be described as a work of art. This article will explain how to make Kundan jewelry.

Kundan jewelry signifies royalty. Every woman wants to have a few Kundan ornaments in their jewelry collection. Every mother would like to include at least one in the wedding trousseau selection of her daughter. Kundan jewelry is made by setting precious stones in gold foil between them and the mount.

This process is very laborious, and one heavy royal kundan necklace set  can take several months to complete. It is not just one person who crafts a piece of jewelry, but a group of artisans. Each member of the team works on different aspects of the jewelry until it is perfect. The end result will be like a waterfall of sparkling gems. Kundan ornaments embody elegance, confidence, and pure elegance.

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Kundan jewelry is one of the oldest types of ornaments that originated in India. This design dates back to the Mughal era. This technique involved the fitting of uncut stones into handmade ornaments. This style of jewelry uses pure gold, which is why the term "Kundan jewelry" means refined gold.

 The fashionable ones use artificially molten to save money without sacrificing the beauty of the ornament. Kundan jewelry may also be called the 'Jadaus" in some parts of India. Kundan jewelry was first developed in North India and slowly grew under the royal patronage of the Mughals.

 The style spread quickly from the Mughal dynasty through Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is today one of the most advanced forms of jewelry.