Feng Shui products that represent wealth are ideal for businesses and workplaces. But you can also use them as home decor to bring prosperity to your family. Spread old Chinese coins around the room or wear them as amulets. These Feng Shui products depict the unification of heaven and earth.

You may also use the three-legged toad, another popular item thought to bring good fortune to any person who uses it. It's also said to be one of the most pious items in Feng Shui. Then there is also the Feng Shui money tree that attracts an entry of money into the home or business. Click here to find out the best feng shui for wealth.

Feng Shui products for wealth won't be complete without a mention of the most prominent Feng Shui symbol-the laughing Buddha. Buddha statues are considered a talisman for good fortune, happiness, and contentment.

People love this symbolic item since wealth is nothing if one is not happy or contented with his life. It’s no wondering every home and business place in China is equipped with this item. You wouldn't even find a single Chinese restaurant even in other parts of the world, which doesn't have this fixture.

People rub the belly of Buddha statues for good luck. Many believe that these statues can grant wishes. They are usually placed in the main door of the home or business area to channel in good fortune and to direct misfortune out the door.