Its easy to start a Facebook Messenger Bot, but you need to make sure you dont mess it up. Here are a few things to avoid:

o Dont let the Bot run constantly: If you allow the bot to keep running continually, its going to cost you money. Every time you receive a message, it could be transferring large files and its going to cost you money because youre now paying for the storage as well. Keep the Bot running a little less often and youll get better results for your money.

o Dont have spammy images: The Facebook Messenger Bot might think its a picture of an old friend, so it sends it to your contacts. Its still a picture of an old friend. Spamming is against the Messenger Bots rules. Get rid of them.

o Dont spam the Bot: If you want to send a picture of a friend or family member, then youll need to get permission first. It can take up to three days to get permission. Youll find out how long it takes in the Bot settings.

o Dont look weird: Most people who like the Messenger Bot, think they look silly when they use it. This is because they arent used to it.

Its not fun having to wait while someone reads every single message. Its also not fun getting junk messages from people that you dont know.

Instead, you should be sending only the messages that you want to read. After all, it doesnt make any sense to read a message from a person you dont know. Its like getting a card you know from 10 years ago that they sent and then reading it.

o Get a new name: Instead of using the name My Friend or Friend like the default, you should change it to something more personal. The default Messenger Bot is the most popular Bot around. When you change it to something more personal, it will get more attention from the people who already know you.

People will think youre more approachable than you actually are. If you give people a reason to approach you, they will come to you. This will help you in getting better results from your money.

o Let people use the Bot: Sometimes, people just forget to turn on the Bot. If this happens, you should leave them alone for about two minutes and try to return to them.

Just dont let them ignore you. Do something that will make them remember your name and remember you. People will remember you a lot easier when you give them something extra to remember you by.

The Messenger Bot does all of these things so that you can make your life easier. It makes it easy to meet new people. If you dont do something to help your bot, youll only be wasting your time and people wont be able to get to know you at all.