A financial advisor or financial planner is someone who helps you plan and manage your personal finances or company assets in a profitable or sustainable manner. You may be wondering why you need such a consultant? In these times when trading and finances are so complex, an advisor's words and thoughts can be your most important asset. 

If you have a large business and a lot of personal wealth in previous years, your parents, spouse, or relatives and friends can act as advisors and help you manage your company's wealth. You can also hire a professional financial advisor from https://www.devere-spain.es/.

The Four Types of Financial Advisors 360 Family Office

Financial advisors can pay for their services in three ways: through fees, commissions, and a combination of the two. A paid consultant works for you on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. With a hired financial consultant or planner, you don't have to deal with his personal interests, namely closing deals for you and receiving commissions at the same time.

These people are paid to give advice, so they don't care whether the advice they give works or not. Financial planners receive commission payments for transactions or investments you make through their advice.

The type of business service that is most in demand today is financial planning or advice. In all major and developing countries, modern financial services and trade have made financial planning an integral part.