Sacramento offers several after-school programs to assist students with after-school activities. They are designed for different purposes to meet the needs of different students.

Quality programs today, weekends and after-school weekends are aimed at extending student study time while providing more interesting, exciting and stimulating opportunities while developing their skills and interests. You can also get the best after school programs via

Types of program

Programs are available from a variety of sources, e.g. from community groups, including interested parent and teacher associations, police and youth organizations, churches and other religious orders, programs and programs of education departments based on private companies.

Some after-school programs are available free of charge, while others charge a fee, some of which can be reimbursed through currently available state childcare grants. Some programs offer students with disabilities to make them more comfortable and easier to adjust to the basic education system.


Many schools are more focused on academic activities and with the large number of students and the number of documents that teachers have to fill out, now there is less time for students to pay attention to individuals in the classroom.

There are also many programs that offer activities that stimulate intellectual enrichment, such as theater, dance, music and various forms of art that are not available in many schools.