The black truffle of France is known more popularly by the name "Truffles". A truffle is a conical-shaped fruit, the outer skin of which is usually a brown or black color. The inner flesh is white, juicy, and highly succulent.

Truffles are produced in two distinct taste sensations are salty and sweet. So if you fancy salty, then this salt can give you that. And for those who like to have sweet flavors with their food, well, here's another kind of salt that will surely tickle your taste buds. The black truffle sea salt, on the other hand, is sweet and presents a unique taste sensation.

There is no need for you to be an Italian food aficionado to enjoy the exquisite Italian black truffle salt. This type of salt is widely used in Italian cooking, with its distinctive salty, sweet and creamy taste. It is used not only in Italy but in many restaurants all over the world and to satisfy the salty taste of people who are not native Italian. You will find it used in almost all kinds of salty dishes, from lasagna to seafood dishes, meat dishes, stews, vegetable dishes, desserts and even just being sprinkled onto various foods in order to enhance the flavor.

These are not just some pretty words being used in order to describe this salt, as it actually tastes differently once it is cooked. You will find it distinctive and extraordinary, rich and creamy like a dessert. Its distinctive flavor is quite hard to describe, one thing you can say for sure is that it goes perfectly with your favorite Italian recipes. And since it is also used in many other countries, such as France, England, and even America, it travels in a very long way. As long as you have a passion for Italian food and cooking, you will never be lacking for recipes using it.

The long way this salt has traveled to reach America is quite remarkable, especially considering that, in its original form, it was actually a fish food. However, its unique taste and smell took time to be transformed into what we now know as the authentic Italian flavor. Due to these long travels, American and European consumers got to know this unique Italian black truffle salt's distinct and delicious flavor and aroma. That is why when you cook Italian foods at home, using this kind of salt will surely bring out the most flavorsome essence from your dish.

Although there are many recipes using it that people may try, not all of them are created equally. This is because there are two kinds of salts that are truly Italian, the regular black truffle salt and the white truffle salt. The difference between the two comes from their ingredients. You can't use just any salt to cook Italian food, you need to get the real stuff.

To get authentic Italian flavors, it would be better if you use sea salt when cooking Italian black truffles. Sea salt has its own unique flavor that cannot be found in any kind of salt. Moreover, using sea salt will bring out a different aroma in your dish, one that is not found with regular table salts. Also, it has a higher melting point that will make it melt into the food, giving it more texture and flavor. And since it is Italian black truffle salt, it is known for having a lot of spices, cloves, and nutmeg included among its ingredients.

In addition to the unique taste of Italian black truffle salt, it is also best when it is mixed with some butter or some oil. This combination will let the essence of its unique taste shine through. It should be noted though that the longer this salt is left to mix with the oil, the stronger its taste will be. It is best that you leave it on for a while before mixing it with the other ingredients in your recipe. It is quite possible that people will not even notice that it is already there, but the sensation it gives is definitely worth the wait.