A climbing rope is the first requirement for any climber and can be successfully used to save lives in an emergency. Rescue workers, climbers, and arborists are familiar with the various forms of climbing knots.

The chain begins with a climbing rope and thus is the most important link in scaling heights. Correct anchoring and tying important not only for hikers, but it is also important to bring a lot of other important essentials during the expedition. While some important knots to join with others helps you to anchor safely. You can use nylon paracord tack to tie a knot. The strength of a climbing rope can be greatly reduced if you have not taken time to knot correctly.

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This fact can reduce the chances of survival in an emergency. Just look at the way and think that you have mastered it, it is not enough you have to practice to perfection.

Single-loop and double-loop knots most frequently used and they can be combined with other types according to the needs of climbers. The stopper knot, for example, is used in conjunction with other knots to prevent the rope from not bind or become loose due to friction.

Bends is a very good way to make a long rope by joining two smaller ropes safely. Just learning various forms of climber’s node is not enough; You should also be familiar when using it.