Autism is a disability that causes developmental delays in areas such as talk, play, and being socially active. There are different types of symptoms that can be shown from early childhood. Symptoms of Autism may appear any time between infancy to early childhood.

The first step to help your child cope with autism is to learn as much as possible about the disability and early signs. As parents, educate yourself about your child's development stages and know what to expect at each age.

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If you feel that your baby is not active when it comes to development milestone, and then seeks immediate treatment

Autism treatment

Since there are different types of autism, there are various types of treatments .Your doctor will recommend the treatment that best suits your child.

Behavior and Communication Therapy

Depending on the type of your child autism disorder different program is conducted to provide help.

Occupational and Physical Therapy

This type of therapy can help your child develop strong coordination and motor skills. This therapy can also help your child learn to process sensory information such as sight, touch, hearing, sound, and smell


Autism does not have a specific drug that can cure the defect; rather there is a remedy for the symptoms associated with autism such as antidepressants, psychoactive medication to reduce hyperactivity and withdrawal, and anti-anxiety medications to reduce panic disorder.