Pool tables are expensive. You will want to make sure they last a lifetime and provide great entertainment. You don't want them to fall apart if you don't take good care of them.

First, identify the grain direction when maintaining a table cloth. You will always want to iron, brush, or wipe the cloth in the direction that the grain is. You can also hire professionals for your delicate Table Cloth Cleaning via https://aaateatowels.com.au/table-cloth-hire/.

You don't have to brush the cloth every two weeks. Or, you can do it once per month. Brushing the cloth should always be done in line with its grain. It can cause damage and make it more difficult to clean.

You want to follow the grain of the cloth when vacuuming the cloth from the table. You should use the vacuum cleaner at the lowest setting to vacuum the cloth. Do not use attachments on the vacuum as this could cause damage and tear to the cloth.

Iron the cloth along with the grain using the iron heat setting of low to medium. Do not use steam when ironing. Ironing the cloth on railings will cause damage to the wood. Focus only on the surface of the pool table cloth.

Keep the wood in good condition by using a high-quality wood polish. Only polish the wood once every three months. Any more than this will cause wood polish buildup and make it look dull.

Leather polish should be applied every six to seven months to keep leather sections clean and well-maintained. Leather polish should only be applied to leather sections that are not in direct contact with the billiard ball, such as the pockets that the balls land in.