Timber garden sheds blend into the scenery and are aesthetically pleasing. The timber look of the shed can resemble an old cottage or log building. The big timbers give it a classic look.

The timber shed can be designed to look like a miniature home. It could have windows with flower boxes and shutters as decoration. You can pop over to this website to get more info regarding timber shed.

It can have a dormer in the roof to add architectural value. The door can be carriage or old barn styled and allow access to bigger items. Windows in this kind of shed generally have grills in them. This look blends in nicely with the wood design.

A timber shed has many uses. It is a great place to keep all your garden and lawn tools organized. They make hooks that will hold your rakes and shovels neatly along a wall. You could also store seeds and fertilizers in them.

High shelves are a good place to keep chemicals out of reach of children. Keep herbicides and pesticides on these high shelves so nobody gets accidentally hurt.

You may store your flower pots and plant boxes in it when not in use. It will hold lawnmowers and garden tillers in the centre area. A bench can be added to work on when potting plants or cleaning bulbs for winter storage. The shed is very well constructed and will hold many items secure.

A timber shed is built with many courses of timbers. They are like large lincoln logs that lock together in the corners. The timbers in the structure could be screwed or nailed together with long pole barn nails. A dimensionally framed roof is attached to the timber framing. The roof can have asphalt shingles or metal applied to keep it watertight.