Are you ready to get started? Are you looking to camp this summer? Wear eco-friendly clothing made from renewable natural fibers that are less harmful to the planet. They can also help reduce odors and keep you cooler than traditional outdoor clothing. You can consider the hemp t-shirts for your skin because these clothes are skin-friendly and very comfortable.

Cotton is the most pesticide-intensive crop in the world. In fact, the weight of a cotton shirt is 73 percent cotton and 27 percent chemical residue! These pesticides flow into our waterways and cause damage to aquatic ecosystems. They can create dead zones, areas where nothing can grow, and that will suffocate for life. 

Whether you're looking for a new t-shirt, looking for hiking shorts, or need a nice hat to protect yourself from the sun, there are greener alternatives. Here are some options for outdoor enthusiasts:

Bamboo is a relatively new kid in the textile field. The grass is very large, bamboo can grow up to 30 inches a day, which makes it a "quickly renewable" and very tough fiber. It does not require pesticide treatment, does not require irrigation, and can be practically renewed indefinitely. It also helps open soil from erosion, retains water, and creates habitats for other wild and plant species. In addition, it is very soft and has a built-in "bamboo raccoon" which helps control odor-causing bacteria and lowers humidity levels. 

Hemp, which has been used by hippies and the land-conscious community for decades, is a great choice for a variety of reasons. It produces more fiber per hectare than cotton, requires less chemical support from pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides, and is as natural as cotton. Hemp culture also helps increase the nutritional value of the soil and increase microbial life.