Condo owners, like the owners, need to buy insurance to protect their property and liability. Here are three of the most frequently asked about the condo insurance to help you get started.

1. What is the difference between condo insurance and homeowner’s insurance?

Insurance for condos is quite similar to insurance for homes; the real differences come from if you own or rent the condo.

To learn more about the different types of coverage available for your condo or leased property, interview with a specialty insurance carrier in coverage condos. If your condo is part of a complex, you can also find what is necessary when talking to a member of your association.

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2. What Insure condo insurance?

Coverage options vary by airline and politics, as well as whether you own or rent the condo. Some of the options you can find for your condo include coverage:

Your personal belongings.

The loss of use of your goods and / or structure.

Bodily injury somewhere on the property (this applies to owners or renters who are part of complex).

The damage that occurs in common ownership structures.

Personal responsibility.

Medical expenses.

Note that these are only some generally available coverage options; you will need to speak to an agent to know details about the options of a particular carrier.