The number of disposable products in the medical industry that are used daily in millions(such as blister packaging for tablets, the boxes those tablets go into, etc), it is not surprising that medical packaging has now grown into a large industry in its own right.

Simply put millions of medicines from tablets to injections are used Worldwide every day the packaging requirement for medical items is probably only second to packaging for foodstuffs. If you want to explore regarding the custom blister packaging, then visit

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Medical packaging can vary from vials of medicines for injections, the needles for giving those injections, to packs of tablets. All of these types of medical packaging are disposable and are produced in huge volumes daily.

It can also take the form of highly specialized packaging for transporting organ donors, or blood as an example. As most medical instruments are very delicate they will need to be specially packaged, as they may be shipped long distances Worldwide, in varying forms of transport. 

This means they need to be shipped in highly durable and shock-resistant packaging materials to make sure they get there safely. 

Unfortunately, a large number of the disposable items of packaging, such as blister packs of tablets, or packs of needles cannot yet be made of recyclable materials due to the need to keep the items perfectly sterile in their packing.

It may be in the future that it is possible to use more recyclable packaging in the medical industry, however, many items used need to be safely disposed of by burning them, such as used needles.