Sell your house quickly in the homebuyer's market is a real achievement and sometimes people with signs saying "we buy houses" which you now see everywhere can provide the help you need.

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Many of the ads you see like "Ordinary People Who Really Buy a House." What that means. It means that some people, who say that they want to buy your home, do not actually "buy" the house.

It does not make them bad people, and you might want to do it their way, but I think it's only fair that you understand how this work going. Think of "contingency." And contingency may be a four-letter word.

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Here is how it works in some cases. A person said he wants to buy your home and you both sign the contract. Somewhere in the contract is a contingency that says, in essence: you have to sell and I would buy if I want to.

Most often that means that they have found someone to buy your house even before they close on it and they made a small profit. Or, they cannot find someone to buy your home before they close the deal, and they come back to you and say: "My partner did not approve the deal, so I cannot buy."

Now, in all fairness, there is nothing wrong with this arrangement. If people home "buy" you are skilled in marketing, know the local market inside and out and can sell your home for more money and faster than you can, they must be paid.

There are some contingencies that are standard in all contracts. You should expect a home inspection and pest control inspection.

They should be done in a few days. You might expect a contingency for financing and you must provide a valuable title to the home.