The availability of purely traditional african masks and artwork is getting more restricted, with the vast majority of individuals entering the global art market are turning into modern art.

This is explained due to access to modern art when compared with the usual arts that are rapidly evaporating.

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Conventional artists, like individuals who've carved masks for centuries due to their tribal ceremonies or who are operating in genres that are recognizable as"conventional" no longer possess a client base among their people.

Thus they've turned to supply masks and other ethnic objects for an export or tourist marketplace for the last couple of decades. So-called"cultural purists" have transitioned to those items that they recognize as"copies", like Africa is suspended forever at a time warp and may go backward or forward.

If these items are no longer utilized in traditional ceremonies, what exactly are such conventional African masters  supposed to do? Cease the sole craft or trade they've known because their clients are no longer their neighbors?

This"purism" one of the art community at the West has taken on idiotic forms. Particular buyers of masks for stores in Western galleries or museums need evidence that the mask was"danced", therefore"dances" could be conveniently ordered so the mask moves this first evaluation of provenance.