The Slendertone Belt Works Great

I know that you have seen those infomercials, and read all those reviews of the Slendertone on the internet and on sites like Fitness Hub, but I am a real customer who wants to share my experience with other people so they really know what it is like before they decide to spend the money to buy one.

I work out regularly and eat right but I still struggle with my stomach. It has always been the hardest area for me to lose weight from and to tone. I got a nice little unexpected bonus and decided to splurge on a Slendertone, and since there was a money back guarantee I felt like I couldn’t go wrong.

Well I have to say that I was extremely happy with the results and I love the way that my stomach looks now. The Slendertone is not a weight loss system so do not be confused. It is designed solely to tighten and firm your abs. It was a great purchase and I am very happy I made it.

It is easy to use, it works well and it was worth every penny. Now I am ready to face bikini season with a smile on my face and some new confidence! Slendertone does wonders indeed!