Information You Need On Badge Magnet

Badge magnets are used by companies and event organizers as badge holders for their ID. The magnetic badge is cost-efficient, attractive, classy and comfortable. Unlike the traditional model of safety pins, adhesive magnetic badge did no damage to clothing.

Holders who use the traditional ID pin can damage clothing when poking through the fabric. At first, create a pinhole may be small.

Information You Need On Badge Magnet

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But ultimately, it can grow larger. This holds especially true if a badge is worn every day in the office or while attending a seminar 04:57 today.

But with magnets, you can guarantee that all of this happened as a badge is held in place by two or more magnets. Therefore, remove and wear a badge does not adversely affect several times at all for your clothes.

Another advantage of using a magnetic badge is convenience. Because it does not use pins, remove or take off your badge is very easy.

You can wear and remove it without using your eyes. With conventional badge holders, but you should see it when you wear it if you do not, you'll get pricked by a pin or badge may not be properly adjusted to your outfit.

Some current ID has a bar code that is used to grant access to a place in the workplace. If the ID you use a pin can be a hassle on your part because you will have to lean back and bow down real close to facilities that reads your identification. With the magnet, you can easily take it off and put it down again.