Using Aluminium Screens To Protect Your Home And Property

Protecting the home is important to every person, and securing windows and doors with aluminum shutters is one of the best ways to do so.

Security screens are more of a necessity now than in the past, and the fashion for large windows means that homeowners of both new and recently renovated houses need to secure those areas quickly to prevent intrusion into the house. You can buy aluminium screens via

Security screens provide not only protection but also a little bit of privacy, which can be just as important when you have large windows. One of the more modern styles of window security, aluminum window screens, can help to add style to your home as well as protection.

There is a range of aluminum screens available in the nation, but one of the most popular is the aluminium guard product. This is made using very high-grade aluminum, which is corrosion resistant, and which is also strong enough to withstand attack.

The aluminum screens are made from two types of aluminum sheeting, one of which is perforated, and the other of which is extruded. The extruded aluminum is used to make the toughened frame around the edge of the perforated sheet.

The sheets are 1.6mm thick, which is considered to be one of the toughest thicknesses for aluminum. The sheet is riveted into the frame using a thief-proof system which can then be securely fixed to your windows.