A Lucid Information About Augmentation Reality

In very simple terms, Augmented Reality (AR) is about placing virtual reality in the real world in real-time. Another way to define it is to compare digital/virtual information with a person's real-time environment, which is magnified and overlaid by an AR-enabled iPhone or smartphone. 

It can also be said that augmented reality is an imitation of physical reality in the form of a combined virtual form. You can find information about using the technique of augmented reality marketing via https://hapticmedia.com/blog/augmented-reality-marketing/

The thing to note is the fact that the magnification is simply the amplification of an image taken from the real world or physical environment, and that the virtual image created or amplified is both digitally and technically asymmetrical from the inferred source, even if the viewing experience is not. does not take into account the similarities between the real and virtual worlds.

Basically, however, it should be made clear that any development, further development or enlargement of the image recorded by the camera with an AR-enabled smartphone is technically different from the original image from the real world. 

The term "difference" basically means information that is semantically added to the virtual image and which is known to the physical world. Since adding additional information to broaden one's understanding of something is impossible in the real world, AR technology has been adopted in response.