Tips to a Great Bench Press

Almost everyone you talk to say they want to increase their bench press. Or they ask how much can you bench. It has become a modern force test.

Yet many people do not and they established a myriad of excuses with the main one being it causes pain in the shoulder. If you're looking for a bench press machine, you can search a query 'weight benches for sale' in search engine.

Shoulder injuries are usually caused by the misuse form while bench pressing. I suffered from this condition and I found frustrating. It is still relieving.

1) There are several arm positions that give different paths when lowering weight and it is the path that needs to change.

Many people who bench press flare their elbows as they lower the bar. But hey, it's not going anything about it. It becomes a hassle when you have shoulder problems as flaring puts more pressure on this complex area of the muscle.


With your arms splayed you try to lift the weight further away from your center and giving you less leverage to move that weight.

2) Expanding your grip a little also helps because it gives you a short range of motion and a line much more right and that everyone knows the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

3) retract the shoulder blades while benches are another useful item. This helps to stabilize the base you raise from and also shorten the range of motion.

4) Definitely warm up your muscles and body with sets of bench presses but do not go heavy. Use light weights and various stretching and perhaps bodyweight exercises to get some warmth and elasticity in your body.

5) If you are serious about lifting really heavy do you have a spotter or someone to help you if you fail again while bench rack bar? The alternative is to use some sort of machine with machine type smith probably best.