How To Boost Your Self Esteem With Breast Lift Surgery In Dallas

As a woman gets older, it's just natural that her breasts will begin to droop, however, some have a tendency to droop way farther than others due to extreme weight loss or a previous pregnancy.

There seems to be no exercise or herbal remedy to counter this natural process, so many women turn to breast lift surgery in Dallas to restore their youthful appearance. 

Breast lift surgery is becoming more and more popular recently due to the increasing number of middle-aged baby boomers. This breast lift sometimes involves implants, but not always. Let's take a closer look at the procedure itself, the benefits of the procedure, and the time it takes for recovery.

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To undergo breast removal surgery, the woman must undergo general anesthesia and it takes less than 4 hours. During the procedure, the doctor removes some of the underlying breast tissue, removes some of the breast tissue, and then reshapes the tissue to make the breasts look younger and firmer.

Often the areola is also made smaller by removing the surrounding skin and also lifting it to a slightly higher position to make it look younger. Excess skin is then removed to tighten the area, compensating for age-related weakness.

There are very few complications associated with this type of surgery and no additional treatment is usually required other than a final evaluation. Breast lifts are usually not recommended for women who have not had children, as the stretched skin does not stretch well and can become a problem when the breasts enlarge due to the flow of milk.