Things To Know About Mushrooms When Buying In Canada

Magic mushrooms were used for spiritual and healing purposes in Europe and North America thousands of years ago. Magic mushrooms are considered hallucinogens because of their psychoactive component, namely psilocybin. 

Therefore, it is classified as a schedule 1 drug with a high potential for abuse and abuse. However, recently there have been rumors that magic mushrooms should be classified as a schedule IV drug because of their medicinal properties. You can get more information about online dried mushrooms via

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The medicinal properties of this magic mushroom have caught the attention of many people who are always looking for natural remedies for their condition.

With increasing demand, mushrooms can now be purchased online through grocery pharmacies, and micro magic is perhaps the best magic mushroom we have ordered online.

Here's what you need to know about magic mushrooms before ordering from online pharmacies.

Another name: Don't be confused if you hear the terms mushrooms, liberties, mushies, blue nasties, golden tops, philosopher stone, agaric, and Amani. They are all related to magic mushrooms. The scientific name for this magic mushroom is Psilocybe cubensis. 

Ingestion option: Magic mushrooms can be eaten raw. Others want to make it with soup. But most magic mushrooms dry up. Mushrooms can be mixed with other foods and drinks. There is also tea with magic mushrooms and capsules.

Medical application: Magic mushrooms to be classified as IV drugs is based on evidence that they have properties for treating certain medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, cancer-related psychiatric disorders, nicotine addiction, and substance abuse.