How To Convert The Petrol Car To CNG Fuel?

CNG not safe to use was a myth earlier. Now with the changing technology and trends, petrol cars have been converted to CNG and are running safely and efficiently. The CNG Kit Installation has gained popularity even due to increased rates of fuel. On average, CNG cost around 40/kg which is too less than that of petrol or diesel.

Pre-requirements for installation

  • It is essential to check the genuineness of a person and company going to install CNG Kit. Lucky CNG fitment center assures the safety and standard guarantee of CNG kits.
  • The CNG tank must be hydro tested before installation for any leakage.

How to install CNG

Installing a kit in the car is quite typical. It should be done only under the supervision of professionals. The components of the CNG kit are valve, pressure line, Manometer, Heating system, Air mixer, Pressure regulator and CNG/petrol selector switch.

CNG maintenance:

  • Once you have installed the kit, the job doesn’t end here. You need to do the periodic maintenance of the installed kit.
  • The engine oil used for the CNG kit is different from that of the petrol version.
  • Frequent check-ups of the engine on a routine basis are necessary.
  • The performance of the car may be hampered with a CNG kit, so you need to be patient while driving.

This is all about the CNG installation and its scheduled maintenance guide. We hope you have understood the definitive guide and will surely follow the rules before going for installing the kit.

  • Air Conditioner of the vehicle takes the drive from the engine which adds more load to it. CNG may or may not affect the cooling system of the vehicle.