Discussing Basic Networking Aspects

Have you ever thought of availing the services of Network Support? Do you have any idea as to what Network Support is all about? This particular article attempts to give a basic idea about the network, and the concept of network support. You can also choose IT Services In Las Vegas, NV who specializes in providing IT services.

What is a Network?

A network can be defined as a group of nodes that are interconnected, which is designed to interact with one another. Broadly speaking, copper cables, fiber optic, radio waves, and a few others, consists of the medium from the network. There are three types of networks: Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Local Area Network (LAN ) and Wide Area Network (WAN).

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What Network Topology?

Group nodes are linked together in a specific layout pattern that are known as network topology. Network topology can be divided into two types – Logical and Physical Network Topology. The physical layout of the network can be defined as a Physical Network Topology.

What Ethernet Network?

Ethernet networks probably the most commonly used in the world of networking. In an Ethernet network, the physical layer standard network model involves a certain amount of wiring and signaling standards. In addition, the lower part of the data link layer involves a series of procedures Medium Access Control.

What Unshielded Twisted Pair?

The Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) is a type of cable that is widely used in Ethernet Networks. In this type of cable, electromagnetic field interference becomes null and void, because of the design of twisted forward and return conductors.

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