How To Match Your Kitchen Cabinets With Your Floor And Countertops

If you've taken the time to choose the perfect kitchen cabinets, homeowners often forget to consider their floor and countertops.

While you may choose three great elements, they need to work together to ensure that your overall look is cohesive and stylish. You can buy indoor bin cabinets online whenever required.

So, how should you match these three main focal points for your new kitchen?

The first step in matching your cabinets, floor, and countertops is to determine your main color. You could choose to feature this with custom cabinets or your countertops. Your main color should be something that is fairly common.

You can use bolder colors in all the kitchen details such as your accessories and appliances, but if you choose a very unusual color as your main color, you may have difficulties finding items to match.

While it is fun to create a mix and match look, replacing your cabinets, countertops and flooring can be costly, so allow yourself the flexibility of keeping these key elements simple so you can change the design theme without needing a full renovation.

Once you have determined your main color, you can then start to balance out your color palette. Use color charts to determine the colors that complement your main color.

Choose a simple color to complement your main color and a contrasting accent color. This will tie your color scheme together while making a stylish statement.

Whether you are choosing marble countertops or custom cabinets, you should pick the most expensive element of your new kitchen first.

You can then use samples of this item to shopping around for the remaining key components of your design. This will allow you to build up the design of your new kitchen, planning each element with care.