Make Great Grill Food in the Summer

While having summer chats with friends you must have been asked, so which steak is the best according to you?  If you haven’t tested these beauties then how can you share your opinion? Taste the yummiest kabobs by clicking at- 

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Here we have the best-grilled steaks in summer. This steak is uncut and will not disappoint you with proper cooking.

1. Fish. Juicy cut, mild flavor. There is luxurious marble everywhere and it pleases the crowds. If this incision is left on the bone, it is referred to as a "prime rib" in most restaurants.

2. Fillet. As the name suggests, this is the smoothest cut. Also known as "filet mignon", it literally melts in your mouth.

3. Iron. Now, here's an unknown secret, and perhaps the second most complicated decision. A low budget option that calls for a good steak.

4. Top fillet. An excellent choice for kebabs.

5. Tri-Tip. Delicious, juicy and ideal for marinades. Once cooked, cut into thin strips and the flavor will explode in your mouth.

6. Flank steak. Perfect choice for "Teriyaki". Marinate, bake, cut diagonally … you'll be asking for more.

7. Lastly, the strip steak. My favorite of all. Bake all year round. It is also known as the NY Strip, Top Loin Strip, Kansas City Strip. Steaks have real character, taste, and are far from delicious on the grill.