How To Start A Bounce House Rental Business

Creating a business plan for your home rental business is the first step in starting your business venture. It might be a scary idea, but it's not necessary. All you think about is your financial projections and income.

Remember that as your business grows, you will expand your plans and conduct audits along the way. You can also check for the top inflatables rental software via the web.


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Think about your target market

In the inflatable boat rental business, birthdays and preschools are the best markets to start with. This is why inflatable rentals are perfect for moms looking for a business to keep at home. Your target market is other moms and you probably already know a lot about your market.

Understand the race

It will take some research, but it is very important to your success. You have to know who you will be competing with. You need to look from the side of your space as well as from the inside. 

Find out your price

Once you have a good picture of the competition, you can start developing your pricing. Some of the items to look at are hourly and full day prices, attendance or unattended prices, weekend and weekday prices.

Determine your initial cost

You need a very realistic cost analysis of what it will take to start your business. Your costs include insurance, transportation, marketing, accounting fees, business license and your inflatable boat.

You can easily start with one inflatable bouncy castle and grow from there, but if your budget allows, it's recommended to start with three. By buying three, you are offered a choice and then you can face any competition.