The Holy City, Jerusalem

A microcosm of the world is our beloved city, Jerusalem. The bride chose an elegant waiting while shaking the world.

We would think that because of Jerusalem, the city seems to be the Creator had chosen for a very special place of his own among men, that it would be regarded as a sacred, holy place. There are tours & activities that you can enjoy during your trip to Israel.

This should be a place of holiness and love.

It seems to me that the crime was committed in Jerusalem will be considered far harder than if the same crime is done in some other countries. Would we go into our Father's house and cause so many problems? That is what so many have chosen to do.

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King Solomon ruled in Jerusalem for forty years. He has the temple was built there, and it was under his leadership that Jerusalem grows and become glorious and beautiful. It is a strong city, politics, and is known throughout the world. It is the envy of the world.

Whether it is the envy of the world today? It certainly seems so. It is said that Israel is in the center of the world and that Jerusalem is at the center of Israel. Many must also think that Jerusalem is the powerhouse of the world because so many are vying for control there. Who will win?

Creator of watching the antics of man, and I expect he was very disappointed. They do not seem to realize that he is responsible, and the only one that will retain power there were people who he allows. It is written that those who live by the law and honor Him, will eventually gain control of Israel and live there in peace.