Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is probably the most personal room. It is a place where you come to take relax after a tiring and busy day at work and school. Therefore, your bedroom should be comfortable and inviting. You can make your bedroom calm and pleasant with Kelly Wearstler lighting. Moreover, getting your bedroom lighting designs is essential to make a comfortable place to rest your head at night, shine, and rise.

Keep on reading this article to learn how to light a bedroom in the right way. From this, you will also learn some basic tips on how to layer your lights by using accent, ambient and task lighting. You have to choose the right bulbs for your bedroom so that their color and brightness match your bedroom perfectly.

Basic Lighting Guide for Your Bedroom:

  1. Layering the Lights in Your Bedroom:

Knowing how to layer your light is the main thing in creating the best lighting for your bedroom. This means you have to find the right balance between accent, task, and ambient lighting.

Ambient Lighting: Ambient lights are also known as general light. It includes large windows, artificial lighting, and skylights. It provides decent lights that help you to perform general tasks such as folding clothes, cleaning, and making the bed.

Task Lighting: These types of lighting are used to perform particular tasks such as applying makeup, reading, and working. It includes the bedside table lamps, wall sconces, low hanging pendants, wall mounted task lights of a headboard, and other directional lighting placed above it.

Accent Lighting: Accent lights are used to draw highlight features such as artwork in your bedroom. It helps to create a cozy atmosphere and pleasant glow in your place.

Dimmers: Dimmers are important for the lighting because if there is only one bright light source, it is difficult to transition into a relaxed sleep mode. With the wall sconces and lamps, you can gradually ease into the wake or sleep. When you are layering your bedroom, décor dimmers play a vital role in the grander scheme of the design, and it helps to add extra dimensions to your bedroom’s environment.

  1. Choosing the Right Bulb:

Brightness: As you add lighting to your bedroom, it is important to consider the kind of bulb that you will use for the fixture. Depending on the bulb’s color and lighting intensity it emits, bulbs have the potential to negatively and positively affect the way your function after a given task. Before setting out any old bulb, you have to figure out your preferred brightness lumens and brightness level.

Color: The color of the light plays a vital role by supporting specific activities. You have to think about the kind of bulb: halogen or incandescent bulbs that are used to give off a soft white glow. On the contrary, CFL tends to diffuse a lot of blues, whereas LED can run the color temperature.

Final Words:

If you want to make your bedroom more inviting and comfortable, you have to layer the Kelly by Kelly Wearstler lighting perfectly. From this article, you will get various about it.