Classification Methods for LED Lighting Products

This classification is easy for most consumers to understand easily, and it is also filled with many producers unknowingly or intentionally. During our retail sales, we know that most people will not try to dig out the detailed performance characteristics of LED lights, such as the performance of electrical, thermal, or optical.

 In general, we want to define the LED system into four categories. They are LED lights, LED fixtures, LED, and led picture lights they all provide plentiful light without becoming hot during extended use.


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LED schedules are those products that need to be installed with an external cable or plug. They can be distinguished easily by checking whether they have given wire. LED fixtures must be fitted with extra fittings in areas that have been established, such as the opening in the ceiling or cabinet.

Light is a crucial element of day-to-day existence, and possessing the correct type of lighting both at home and on the go can mean the difference between safety and darkness.

LED ceiling lights, spotlights, wall lamps, linear bar, flexible strips are included in this category. In addition, typical street LED lights and tunnel lights are included in the category of equipment, as well.

The last part is not directly for illumination but critical to the LED system. LED Accessories included these items to support the stable operation. For many cases, the power adapter is an important factor to ensure the life and performance of LEDs.