Have You Ever Experience The Allure Of Lahaina Luau Maui

The Maui mild semi tropical climate results in a small variation in temperature throughout the year. High temperatures on Maui range from 70s to 80s, middle and low middle range from the 60s to mid 70s in the middle.

Light clothing, swimwear and a sweater or jacket for the evenings are perfect for Maui vacation. Maui is a casual dress in general, although attending a luau may call for men to wear a tropical shirt and women dress in a muumuu or colorful sundress. During the summer, the daylight lasts nearly 13 hours.

Lahaina, once known as the capital of the world hunting whales now offers Lahaina Luau Maui visitors an exciting mixture of both old and new. 

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Visitors can relax in the shade of the Banyan tree planted in 1873, on foot in the old courthouse, or wander the small gift shops featuring Maui, gifts, clothing and more.

Visitors can expect to enjoy the days relaxing on the beautiful beaches on Maui. In addition to the common sand beaches, Maui offers black sand beaches and red sand beaches. Sunbathing, surfing to snorkeling, Maui's beaches offer something for everyone.

Maui's natural beauty extends beyond the beaches to the green mountains. Haleakala National Park on Maui has been ranked top national park by Consumer Reports for good reason. The park offers 32 miles of marked hiking trails.

The magnificent view sunrise from the summit is popular among Maui tourists. Temperatures at the top are cold; during the winter months a dusting of snow is not uncommon so warm dress is required. A visit to the summit offers a spectacular display of Maui diversity.