Find About Wound Healing Process

Wound healing itself is an extremely active biological process and not a static one. When the bleeding is occurring from an open injury, the recovery process mainly involves some phases which may or may not overlap each other.  

 wound healing process

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 Each phase has been discussed as follows:

1. Inflammatory Phase: During the inflammatory phase, which lasts for the first 4 days, mast cells are attracted to the area releasing histamine. 

The natural flow mechanism springs to action and platelets gather to stop the bleeding. After about 24 hours, debridement starts due to the action of enzymes-and dead cells, bacteria and undesirable factors are taken out of the wound site.

2. Proliferative Phase: This phase begins during the first three weeks of the injury. Different kinds of cells and collagen start to settle in the wound. Granulation occurs within this phase. The wound's opening closes down after it's coated with a fresh epithelial layer.

3.Remodeling Phase: Depending upon the magnitude and gravity of the wound, this last phase may continue up to two years. In this phase, the body is in the process of regaining its original stature which is marred by the formation of a scar at the site of the wound.

On the other hand, proper nutrition would help in accelerating the healing process. The body needs a sufficient amount of calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals to tone up the body's immune system to fight germs in the wound site.