How Online Data Backup Services Work

Online enterprise archive services work by transferring data from a location, usually a commercial or office building, to external storage. Some services go further, as all data is initially stored externally in the cloud service and then the data in the cloud service is also regularly transferred to other storage devices to ensure better data protection. You can also learn more about data backup service through the internet.

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Scope of service

There are many different forms of data backup services, from uploading your phone contacts from a smartphone, backing them up individually on a computer, to backing up all the servers of a large multinational company. Some companies need to back up their data every few seconds. For example, eBay needs to track changes as sellers and buyers are constantly updated. Other companies with more static websites may only need to back up their data when things change, such as when contact information changes.

Expanded trade data archiving

Big players in ecommerce software like Magento (owned by eBay Inc.) offer what's called backup and restore. This not only allows retailers to back up live data, but also to create fully functional backups of their entire system and thus test new features and improvements without risking live operations.

Future trends

Cloud backup seems to be taking over. Google recently launched Google Drive and Microsoft updated its SkyDrive service. Mac users have instant access to iCloud for free.