Things To Expect In An Advanced Optical Profiler?

An optical profiler equipped with proper technical input offers quantitative surface metrology with complete precision and precision to 2D and 3D criteria.  

The integrated software gives a range of tools that may be used for routine data visualization, reporting, and analysis.  You can even consult an optical consulting group via

The procedure for taking a dimension entails focusing and orienting the disturbance patterns.  This needs to be completed in an exact manner for the appropriate sample and location.  Industrial layout optical profilometer offers rapid, precise metrology in a streamlined package. 

 It can be found right on the factory floor with no need for technical enclosures.  

Interactive control software offers simple and thorough visualization for the management of this procedure. Usage of technologies makes optical profilometer immune to vibration.   

A high-resolution image detector offers ultra-quick areal dimensions for excellent surface visualization and detail.  Integrated autofocus reduces operator variability. 

A top-notch optical profilometer makes dimensions of a variety of surface parameters and materials. 

The integrated software offers comprehensive tools that you may use for routine data visualization, reporting, and analysis.  

Positioning staging enables easy, repeatable fixturing, and dimension.  It might also encourage completely automated measurement sequences. 

The non-contact method implies no consumable replacement expenses.  A high-output, long-life light source gives years of hassle-free performance. 

Their R&D staff must work in close cooperation with the customers for tool development. They need to encourage a design philosophy that provides for the creation of a tool that unites ease-of-operation, precision, and flexibility.