Fashionable or Stylish? How to Look Your Best Everyday

So what's the trend this season? This is the question that many women ask themselves when they prepare to go to the mall or go to their favorite online store. As women mature, we have seen fashion come and go.

 However, with all the fashion clothes we buy every year, many of us still have trouble saying "I have nothing to wear" daily. The solution to this problem? STOP mode and start buying your style. You can also hire a expert personal shopper in NYC via

There is a difference between fashion and style. Fashion refers to trends or "in" things that designers promote every season in stores and online. They are your shorts, flared sleeves, dresses with bare shoulders and great jeans for mom. But some methods are not for everyone. 

The style takes into account two factors. The first is the color. What colors fit you best? Depending on the color of your hair, eyes, and complexion, some colors fit you better than others. 

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Color consultants use a variety of systems to determine colors in a better customer appearance, but, in general, color palettes are chosen based on their voice. Is it yellow and hot or blue and cold? 

 To understand what is best for you, follow the instructions of others. What made you receive more compliments? Look at the photos. Where do you think you look better? What are you wearing? And if you want your style of play, seek the help of a stylist.

If you wear your style and forget what is fashionable, you always have something to wear.