Types of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

It is essential that you have the particular machine required to fill your capsules in the pharmaceutical business. The production output and size of capsule filling machines, also known as capsule fillers, can differ.

What they produce and how they work is the key difference between different types of automatic capsule filling machine. Find out more about each one of these elements, start with the manufacture.

automatic capsule filling machine

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Soft Gel vs. Hard Gel Capsules

There are two kinds of capsule filling machines. One is founded on their ability to produce the following:

Hard gel capsules are also known as 2-piece hard gel capsules. They have a body with a cap and can be filled with powder, pellets, or pills.

Soft gel capsules can either be filled with liquids or gelatin. Soft gel capsules containing fish oil are a popular option.

It should be simple to determine the type of capsules your machine needs to make based on your existing machinery. Your team should choose whether your machine must fill capsules with powders, tablets, liquids, gelatin, or other fillers. Then, you can choose from the many kinds of capsule fillers available.

Semi-Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic vs. Fully Automated Capsule Filling Machines

There will be more flexibility in selecting between these three types, but we recommend fully automated and semi-automatic capsule filling machines. You should determine the type of capsule fillers you presently have and whether they offer the efficiency your business wants. You may want to fill more capsules per hour, so it is time to spend in a fully automated capsule filling machine.