A Short History Of Scissors

The scissors are just a normal part of everyday life for most of us – we give them barely a second thought. But electrician scissors or rose gold scissors, are a tool we all use, and that we all take for granted.

Scissors are nothing new in the last century – or even in the last millennium. Many people thought that they were first discovered by Leonardo da Vinci. However, the simple set of scissors is much more than that and you can also buy sleek rose gold shear scissors online from various web sources.

rose gold shears

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Older scissors that we know today in the Middle East until there are four thousand years. They consisted of two blades connected by a thin bronze strip and curved at the opposite end to the ends of the blades.

Gritting his blades brought them together, and releasing the open. Ancient Egyptian scissors dating from 1500 BC have been found by archaeologists; they looked like sickles of wheat were gathered similar to versions of old scissors.

But it was the ancient Romans who designed what we recognize more like scissors: almost like modern scissors, they have been designed to create clean and neat haircuts. Also used in ancient China, Japan, and Korea, they have rotated scissors with blades of iron or bronze, which have been linked to a "central" point between the handles and tips.