How Gas Turbine Engines Work

A gas turbine engine is a type of piston engine that uses gas to power its pistons. The gas turbine engine was first developed in the 1940s, and it has become one of the most common types of engines used in aircraft. Gas turbines are very efficient engines, and they are often used to power jet airplanes and helicopters.

The basic principle behind a gas turbine engine is simple. A fuel (such as natural gas or oil) is burned inside the engine, and this heat causes the air that is inside the engine to expand. The air then pushes on the pistons, which move the engine's front wheel. This process creates energy that can be used to power other parts of the airplane or helicopter.

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There are two main types of gas turbines: turbochargers and superchargers. Turbochargers use a fan to increase the air pressure inside the engine, which helps to improve efficiency. Superchargers use an extra compressor to increase the air pressure even further, which helps to increase power output.

Gas turbines are very versatile engines, and they are often used in planes and helicopters that require high levels of efficiency. They are also popular among hobbyists who want to build

Gas turbine engines are one of the most efficient and powerful forms of engine available. They are used in a wide variety of applications, from small aircraft to large ships and turbines can produce up to 100,000 horsepower.