How to Put an End to the Thumb Sucking for Good

Just as there are different reasons that drive children to suck their thumbs, there are also a number of options to help stop it. Here are a few tried-and-true methods worth considering:

Provide alternate means of comfort: if the habit seems born out of anxiety or stress, see if a well-timed hug or kiss, or offering a favorite toy does the trick

Reward his or her efforts: enthusiastic praise, a sticker, or another special treat can be very motivating and make the process fun

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Use creative reminders: agree on a special signal to help discretely halt the behavior if you catch your child doing it in public, and try a bandage over the finger or a sock over the hand to deter thumb sucking at night.

Seeking help from a dentist: a mouth guard or a special coating on the thumb, in the end, maybe recommended depending on the circumstances of your child's teeth

No matter which route you choose, maintain a positive approach and attitude will go a long way in making the experience less stressful for you and your child.

It also helps to work with your dentist to overcome this problem. A dental exam and professional guidance can help point you in the right direction depending on the severity of sucking his thumb and your child's age. Schedule a consultation to share your concerns, and/or provide an update on the situation during your next appointment.