China is known for its cuisine as much as its history, culture, and clothing. However, many tourists know that Chinese food is quite different than Chinese food.

You can find food establishments almost anywhere in China, and they are especially popular in major cities like Shanghai and Beijing. The popularity of street food is especially high. It is also cheaper than restaurants and has a wide variety. 

If you want to eat traditional bao, then you can also order online.

Korean Chicken Bao - Nicky's Kitchen Sanctuary

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These great Chinese street food options are affordable and fun, so if you're looking for authentic Chinese food without going too far from your comfort zone, then these are the best choices.

Fresh sugar cane juice:

Visitors are likely to find whole pieces of sugarcane on the streets of China's urban areas. These sugar cane pieces are pressed in a special juicer and visitors who are thirsty can enjoy a refreshing, chilled glass of fresh sugarcane juice within minutes.

Steamed buns (Baozi, Xiao Long Bao):

Baozi, large steamed buns, are also known as fluffy dough buns. They are usually filled with pork and other vegetables. Locals love them because they are inexpensive, filling, and delicious.

Xiao Long Bao is a smaller steamed bun that has a similar pork filling. Baozi is smaller than Xiao Long Bao. However, the pork filling in the Xiao Long Bao becomes a surprise when it's steamed. These buns are great with black vinegar and chili oil.


Noodles are the most popular Chinese dish. You can find them in all shapes and sizes on the streets of China. You can enjoy noodle soup with a variety of meats for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Fried noodles are fast, inexpensive, and delicious.