Empowerment of women in the world cannot be seen as the only problem and is overcome by stereotypical measures. The problem is different in different parts of the world and therefore the needs are different.

We need to understand that women's empowerment is not synonymous with fast roads where the management of stereotypical high-speed programs will produce rapid changes. 

The fact that some women gain power in current structures or do a few more to make informed decisions in their lives does not change the local situation. You can also read magazine today's edition i.e. Ymag”.

The main condition of women in the form of bias and discrimination lies in the social fabric of society, therefore limited and stereotypical solutions to these problems will not help empower women in the world. What we need now is a rapid change in the fabric of society, which of course leads to women.

Promoting Women in the World: The Wave of Change

Now is the time to view the empowerment of women in the world as a change movement which will be strengthened by creating new structures and systems in gender-neutral societies and promoting gender equality.

The time has come when empowering women around the world should be seen as more than just small project activities or supporting small activities that help women generate money and the power of imaginary money.