Cleaning your exterior is a chore that will require you to use a variety of tools. This blog post goes into detail about what each of these tools is, and how they can be used. 

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  1. Vacuum

  2. Pressure Washer

  3. Hose Reel (for use with pressure washer)

  4. Cleaner Power Washing Machine (if applying cleaner power washing)

  5. Stiff Brush (for use with pressure washer)

Some of the most common tools are buckets, brooms, and mops:

To use a bucket, pour water into the bucket and then add the appropriate amount of soap. Swish the mixture around in the bucket to mix it well. Then, using a soft cloth or a sponge, scrub the car surface clean.

To use a broom, hold the broom horizontally and sweep the bristles over the surface of the car. Be sure to go over all areas that need cleaning.

To use a mop, fill the mop with water and wring it out so that it is very wet. Then, cover the mop head with a towel to prevent water from dripping onto the floor. 

Wipe down any areas that need cleaning. run a cloth down the streaky side of your mop and wring it out in a bucket. Dip the cloth into the bucket and then begin to mop.

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